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Comment: Huh?

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First, I am never a gentleman when tackling issues contrary to liberty.

If you have a thread about cute little bunnies or pretty flowers, let me know and I may well show a different side of myself, but not likely, because I don't traffic in 'fluff', as you accuse me of.

I take these issued deadly seriously, since to lose is to be enslaved or killed. Therefore I am not particularly interested in peace, love or civility when I am using an issue or a person's positions as a chalkboard to draw certain distinctions that I assess to be critical.

You are that chalkboard, at times, and this issue certainly presented itself perfectly as one, so here we are.

At last you peripherally acknowledge the core-point that I originally made and that I have been vainly attempting to drag you back to, all along. Unfortunately and predictably, you offer mere lip-service to it, saying that... "I have not heard anything about his bucking the second amendment."

Well, Granger, I posted excerpted quotes from Louie and a link, but I guess you missed that.

Doesn't really matter, since the point was never to convince YOU, but, rather, to highlight, compare & contrast the 'issue' for those who may read so that the illustration of the differing approach, philosophy, ethic and principle could be made.

On to the final point, you seem to have a theme of trying to peripherally taint me with the anti 'black thing' or the anti 'muslim thing' related to my postings on this thread, in the face of ZERO indication or evidence. You end up with the following quoted text, which frankly, seems a bit insane and certainly make no sense at all to me...

"So, instead of lecturing to posters on the former thread about why reaching out to the black community on DP is plastic, but not actually making contact, using diplomacy, finding solutions to common issues, and coming together to restore the rupublic."

WTF...I have no idea if you are referring to me or yourself here.