Comment: I don't care if you're a

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I don't care if you're a

I don't care if you're a developer or what, but you clearly know little about free markets or Apple for that matter. Every one of your criticisms is a socialist/fascist criticism and it's just odd to me that you'd even post em.

On IP, you're right, but EVERY company spends a fortune using the artificial monopolies created by IP, so criticism is pointless here.

Worker conditions? Outsourcing? Seriously? Are you even libertarian at all?

DRM has little to do with Apple itself as this is something the content makers demand for Apple to carry their products. It's a contract between them and consumers can decide if it's worth it.

Hackintoshes are NOT illegal, they simply violate the Terms of Service AGREEMENT you make with Apple when you purchase their product. You can't go to jail as a consumer, you simply don't get support from Apple. Apple does not LICENSE their software out to 3rd party businesses to make profit off it like Microsoft does. Is it stupid? That's for the market to decide.

Apple has always made a "walled garden" for their consumers. It's their own approach to technology and they've ALWAYS been that way. Microsoft open, Apple closed. Microsoft makes crap products. Apple makes seamless beautiful ones. I jailbreak (legal btw) so I can get the best of both worlds.

Apple is no more or no less "libertarian" than any other company who's forced to operate in this rigged market called the US economy.