Comment: Well, I certainly loved meeting everyone in Hightstown but,

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Well, I certainly loved meeting everyone in Hightstown but,

I knew more than a little something about NJ politics long before that! I didn't say that a person "would have had to work in a NJ statewide campaign to understand" anything. A person would just have to spend a few years here to "get it".

Did I meet you, too, GeneLouis? Were you at NJ HQ? Whatever happened to Neil's idea of making it NJ Liberty HQ?

I really like your suggestion to create a Committee to Draft. NJ HQ would be a great place to get that started. Unfortunately, I would not be able to attend, since circumstances at home prevent me from doing much of anything right now, much less traveling anywhere. But, I would be happy to get signatures on such a petition.

As far as reporters, I'd start with Paul Mulshine. He's one of us. As to where to find the Judge, that's a different issue. Maybe someone from Seton Hall Law School would know how to contact him.

Hey, it's worth a try, no?

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