Comment: Disingenuous sanctimonious blunderbuss

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Disingenuous sanctimonious blunderbuss

IF he genuinely wished to form a coalition around liberty issues he's now in agreement with, I *think* he might have tried to be just a tad less self-righteous and insulting. I especially loved his stereotyping of Ron Paul supporters and helpful clarification that the founders thought up the idea of liberty, not we ourselves. I found telling how he described his rather vicious and slanderous name-calling of Ron Paul and mis- characterization of his positions as simply "not totally agreeing with him on everything." I found funny his categorically (again) denouncing the Occupy movement after accusing us of being hypocrites and insisting (did I even see a tear in his eye?) that liberty was all about being free to express one's opinions, whatever they are. (And aren't we as proud of him as he is of himself for defending Maher.) What an obnoxious, phony "plea" for harmony. I'm sure if Christie ends up the next president, he'll be playing clips from this show, saying with a sorrowful look and a shrug of his shoulders, "Hey, I tried."

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir