Comment: I guess we are prepared more than some,

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I guess we are prepared more than some,

but less than I would like, but we have had our own depression, and we seem to be making it, without govt help of any kind. 37 gorgeous acres with trees too, heat and cook with wood, off grid, solar lights, enough for my laptop too, and an occasional video to watch, and sewing machine, washing machine too. Lots of deer, antelope, and elk to eat. Trying now to shoot a coyote that stole 4 of my chickens. Apple, pear, peach, and apricot trees, and grapevines. If we had a solar well, instead of using generator to fill the cistern, we would have it made. But, with what is coming, and we are getting old, we want to sell it to be near family, as we don't want to face what is coming alone. But, if we did, we would change whatever we buy to solar and do the same stuff, as we like it, cooking and heating with wood, having chickens, eating game, etc.