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You are loose cannon.

I understand that you only wish good things, and that you are trying whatever way that you know how. But I have been around the block many times, and have deep perspective and understanding of things.

I hope that you will continue to try, and fight the good fight, with honesty, peace and God at your side, as I will do the same. I will also hope that you open your eyes and not throw words around that have no bearing, which could potentially be used to advance the opposition to our cause.

For now, I would prefer to be friends from afar, and not walk side by side. At this point and time and from my perspective, you are a danger to our Republic, imho.

I will repeat.. I have no intention of giving that guy a single rating, and I don't give a rats ass if he reads it or not. He is a big boy. He knows what he does. I profoundly oppose the likes of him.

In time, and I am hopeful, I do hope that someday we will walk the path together :-)

PS: He can shove those 2.1 million up his derry air. People will soon learn the truth.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul