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Thats a joke, right? E file? Trade Restrictions? All Socialism!


First of all, the Federal government outside the DELEGATED powers:

1.) Cannot make ANY law that MAY effect the citizens of the "Union at Large".

2.) Cannot define or prosecute more than the 4 granted it in the Original Compact.

3.) Nor govern police outside the 10 miles square of Washington, DC. Nor can the EVER ARROGATE "ANY" NEW POWER.

4.) Not only that, the Federal Government may set a "standard" for immigration, but STATES have to implement it....Or they can CHOOSE not to if they sense any danger of it.

5.) The Federal government was never granted the authority to prosecute or define crimes regarding aliens.

Where is all this found?

Virginia Ratifying Convention 6-16-1788

In Full:

Virginia & Kentucky Resolutions 1798 (Law, state powers, federal limitations, crime and immigration issues).

In full:


The other issue is that he mixes socialism with words you hear in patriotism to sell socialist ideas. "representative democracy"? No it is a representative Republic; The founders never used the word democracy, because the "powers" granted to the federal government COULD NOT BE CHANGED. ZIP. ZERO. NADA.

The Amendment and Ratifying process was limited to making changes "ONLY WITHIN THE DELEGATED POWERS" (again see the Virginia Ratifying Convention 6-16-1788) Neither the STATES OR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT could use The Amendment or Ratifying process to ARROGATE ANY NEW POWER, NOT EVER, NOT EVEN "BY ONE STEP" as Pendleton states in the Convention.

Read it.

All videos like this that mix socialism with Patriot Rhetoric, simply confuse the people, using BLIND patriotism.

What you will not hear in this video is this:

Corporations, Unions, Tax Supported Special Interests, Undelegated State and Federal Bureaucracies, Even Zoning Laws, are all "STATE BORN EXCLUSIVE PRIVILEGES" which turn Free trade into PRIVILEGED TRADE and Freedom of contract, into PRIVILEGED CONTRACTS.

See Virginia Declaration of Rights #4:

In Full:

IV "That no man, or set of men, are entitled to exclusive or separate emoluments or privileges from the community,..."

Exclusive privileges for collectives & Collective title in property (Corporate - Union Cartels), Property (Zoning), Environmental Special Interest Land & Property Trusts. All are far more damaging to trade that immigrants.

And don't you believe the lie they are telling you about illegal immigrants not paying taxes, or that only a small percentage at the top pay the most taxes.


But who pays the "BURDEN" of Taxation, are those that buy the products that the tax is transferred to that cannot "right it off" or raise their prices. You guessed it. The lowest man on the pole. The bum that pays the 1.00 tax on his gallon of milk; who hands it to the shop keeper, who hands it to the corporate producer, who hands it to the Tax man and says in the most dignified manner as he hands his tax form over to the government "LOOK HOW MUCH TAX I PAY ON MY INCOME TAX FORM!"

All "UNENUMERATED FLAT PERCENTAGE TAXES" are unconstitutional because they are an ARROGATED POWER which change the ORIGINAL DELEGATED POWER of ENUMERATED TAXES BEFORE BEING COLLECTED, into the NEW POWER of Collecting UNENUMERATED TAXES, and deciding What to do with the money AFTER IT IS COLLECTED; This is why the federal government has so much money to WASTE and become, and make others, DEPENDENT UPON THAT MONEY.

See same discussion with more at Far Right once you arrive on this Page:

The people on the video you have presented, as well as all the fools like Radio talk show hosts Hannity, Rush, Beck, Levin and others, try to sell you on the same ignorance, attempting to present that if you do not pay your "income" tax, you are some how unpatriotic, when the OPPOSITE IS TRUE. Because income tax will always be UNCONSTITUTIONAL, always AGAINST THE LAW and always UNPATRIOTIC.

The fact is "EVERYONE: pays Taxes in the United States who buys products, gasoline, rent.

Which by the way, all ILLEGALS "DO" because they buy those same products when they are here; and property taxes which owners pay on the rental building is transferred (i.e. BURDEN) to the "RENT THAT THE "RENTERS" PAY".)

It is not that illegals shouldn't obey our laws, but the States are the issue on that... and they dropped the ball a long time ago, because we let them.

We do not need to enslave and "BRAND" EVERY CITIZEN in the whole of the United States citizenry over "immigration" (or any other) issues.

Want more jobs? GET RID OF ZONING! and Regulations! and Environmental laws that keep ALL PEOPLE from Digging, Drilling, Selling where they live and want, i.e. Commercial outside commercial zones, get rid of all those regulations that limit growth to only the Exclusive Privileged Collectives that can afford through their collective privatized socialist entities to jump through the bureaucratic hoops. Then get rid of exclusive privileges and collective title in property.

Then you will have free trade, free competition. and Jobs. and you will be begging people to come across the border to buy your goods!


On other issues on this video,

1.) instead of removing bad federal law, he wants you to make the same bad laws apply to congress... what? Why not just use the effort to get rid of the bad law altogether?

2.) Repeal Pay raises? How about simply obeying the Constitution:

Virginia Ratifying Convention - June 14, 1788:

James Madison: "... The Constitution has taken a medium between the two extremes, and perhaps with more wisdom than either the British or the state governments, with respect to their "ELIGIBILITY" to office.

They can "FILL" "NO" new "offices" created by themselves, "NOR" "OLD ONES" of which they "INCREASED THE SALARIES"."

Would this not keep LEGISLATORS from being reelected "back" into their office if they had RAISED THEIR SALARIES IN THE PREVIOUS TERM??? Clearly it would. There is your TERM LIMIT, and Limit to raising salaries, because if they did, that would end their term.

Madison Continued: "... After having heard a variety of principles developed, I thought that on which it is established the least exceptionable, and it appears to me "sufficiently well guarded".

Well not when they do not obey their own laws...

So make them obey or kick them out. Don't play games with them.

3.) Balanced Budget; How about first getting rid of UNENUMERATED TAXATION? i.e. Obey the ORIGINAL CONSTITUTION!

The states are who are selling you down the road; All the States have to do is Nullify the income tax as unconstitutional arrogation of power and put some teeth behind it.

4.) Make Congress pay into the Social Security System? Another undelegated federal power. (see again the Virginia Ratifying Convention 6-16-1788 regarding the limit on collecting taxes under the Welfare Clause Debt and Defense are all that taxes can be collected for) If the states want social security, let them do it.

5.) Term Limits, good. But if you obeyed the constitution as presented above, they would all be gone tomorrow.

6.) Why give government employees any retirement or insurance benefits? Let them buy it out of their own salary! Why worry about giving even one term of benefits.

7.) They are Servants, pay them Servant hourly wages. No higher than the average hourly wage of workers in their home county (non collective, non union, non corporate, non government, non union, wages)

8.) Benefits for standing army, good.

9.) Increasing Military Spending just shifts debt. It also does not strengthen freedom, because freedom is strengthened by arming CITIZEN MILITIAS to a Power Ratio set By James Madison 20 to one over the standing army.

10.) start no war unless you intend to win it; OK, How about start no war without a Declaration of war? I think he left that out... Typical Nationalist....

11.) English the national Language; State Issue, talk to the state, not the federal government. It is not a delegated power of the federal government.

12.) No benefits for illegal aliens, Good. Now how about States Prohibiting giving Unenumerated taxes to the federal government and make them obey the constitution by arrest federal IRS agent that do not comply with the Limited powers of the constitution. Then it would be a state issue as to whether or not they give money to them. No accepted undelegated federally mandated money to ANYONE. State Issue and responsibility. Why is he talking toward the federal government; He should be turning his back to them.

13.) Electoral College was placed so that ignorant speakers like this could not whip up his ignorance into a total Democracy (socialism) where a popular vote would vote away your freedoms.

14.) Universal (NATIONAL) SERVICE hahahahahahahahaha! In a FEDERALLY CONTROLLED STANDING ARMY or FEDERAL SERVICE??? Are you kidding!!! His true Nationalist Socialist colors come out. COMMIE in Patriots Clothing. He simply wants you in GOVERNMENT EMPLOYMENT not SERVICE. MORE DEPENDENCY!

I can see well trained and armed Militias, as James Madison DEFINED and presented - "OFFICERED by men CHOSEN AMONG THEMSELVES"; Not government or the standing Army! Orchestrated by Very Local governments, not even state unless states were the size of counties or the smallest state of the union for adequate representation.

What ignorance he shows.

and it is independent Republic"S" not Republic; We are not "ONE NATION". We have presently 50 independent state Republics with a VERY LIMITED Republic COMPACT.

See James Madison Virginia Resolution regarding becoming "ONE SOVEREIGNTY" (he said - NOT A CHANCE!) and the Ratifying Convention 6-16-1788 on MILITIAS.

We are on a decline because we allow exclusive privileges to exist and create regulations removing competition; Environmental laws that prevent moving the slightest bit of soil unless you pay the government.

If you cannot freely move and grow without government intervention, you can never have free trade.

Not one mention of auditing the Federal Reserve to uncover the obvious corruption? And Removing it?

American Patriot Party.CC


Educate Yourself. Educate Others.

GEORGE WASHINGTON, letter to James Madison, Mar. 2, 1788

"However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion."

RichardTaylorAPP - Chair - American Patriot Party.CC

John Locke #201, 202, 212 to 232; Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions 1798; Virginia Ratifying Convention 6-16-1788; Rights of the Colonists 1772.