Comment: Beck's Real Message

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Beck's Real Message

What Beck is really saying is libertarians are fascists unless we all conform and submit to he new messiah (who incidentally has his own tv station) and if we all conform and submit we will be happy little "libertarians" and the world will be a better place. That stuff might work for you morman folk and if it does good luck to you. But don't ask me to conform and submit to anyone.

Beck's idea of spreading libertarianism is just the same as his previous support for spreading democracy. You cannot dictate democracy and Beck and everyone else should learn that a free person will welcome those they believe they have comity with and ignore, reject and/or ridicule those who are false prophets or who do not accept that individual.

Why would a libertarian care whether libertarians welcomed another "into the the fold" we are not a collective. There is no top down hierarchy there is only respect. Dr Paul never asked let alone demand that I or anybody else support him. Dr Paul put his position and asked that if I had enough common ground with his position that I join his efforts to support those parts of the good doctor's beliefs and the good doctor. Dr Paul never asked that I join in lockstep with him or any organisation. Accordingly I chose to give my support. If Beck cannot understand this he is no libertarian and is rightly rejected.