Comment: I have been a libertarian for

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I have been a libertarian for

I have been a libertarian for about 20 years, and I have always just been by myself, practicing and believing in the cause of liberty, like Paul, on my own. Never forced anyone to accept what I believed or dismissed people that were curious or wanted to change their old ways.

But when I deicded to "join" a bigger movement, the so-called re_LOVEution, I have to say although there have been many great and mindful people in this, there is equally as many obnoxious, unforgiven, self-destructive, self-righteous, people.

This probably won't ever change, because it has been a constant complain from so many over the last 4-5 years since Paul really took off, and this is DESPITE Ron Paul doing and behaving the quite opposite (you can learn something). One example is the people that believe certain "conspiracy theories" if you do not agree you are part of the conspiracy or a "plant."

It is this fringe fraction of the libertarians, mostly younger newcomers from what I see that take this zealot position of absolutism and you cannot reason or rhyme with them, because then you are just a "troll" "neocon" or like I said, a "plant."

There are legitimate issues people can disagree over. Even debate facts and evidence on issues, but it is the self-destructive nature among some that is just astonishing to me. For example, on this beck issue, if Tom Woods, or Ron Paul came out and said they were happy to see him change, the same people would vote it up instead of down.

This is a very small movement that doesn't even break 1-3 million votes each cycle and here we have people isolating others from letting it grow bigger.

I'm sure this will be voted down too, which just proves my point. I don't care or even watch O'Reilly, Hannity, beck, Maddow, Matthews or whatever on TV, because I don't have a TV, but I'll be dammed if I am going to tell any of those, IF they were willing to learn more or join the liberty movement, to stay away because of their past short comings, no matter what they did. That included Karl Rove or whoever. You wanna join or learn more, I say come on in...

Some of you say get on out and that is where I find this movement fail unfortunately.....

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...