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I feel covered in vitriol

The words I have just read sounds like someone is spewing vitriol upon me.

I do not reject anyone as being less American than I am. I do not reject anyone based upon their beliefs.

What I reject is the premise that Farrakhan is the missing spokesperson for the Liberty Movement.

As far as I can tell I have the Liberty to question the words that I have heard come from Mr. Farrakhan's own mouth. I have gone straight to You Tube to watch him myself because I too am very interested that the Liberty Movement succeeds. I would love to have a nationally known speaker who has a lot of followers. I just want to know that the message is true. Is that a wrong thing for me to do?

What I have read in your comment sounds as if I have been divided out of the Liberty Movement because I have questioned someone that I consider a Friend in Liberty. From what I understand, that is how the divide and conquer routine works.