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Defend what exactly? What is

Defend what exactly? What is it you are so upset about? That he made a humorous cover picture pretending to cry (spoofing himself crying a lot on TV)? It was a joke...

It was GQ's idea to have him "cry." ""The crying was my idea, and Glenn was cool with trying it," Greenberg says. "We used mentholated balm to make his eyes tear up naturally. From then on it was acting on his part. He had fun with it and was a great sport."

Next you will tell me Letterman is a serious newscaster..

I mean, seriously, the stuff you are pointing to just makes my point. It is silly nonsense... Give me something of substance and maybe I will take a bit more serious...

So in fact I DID disprove your point by not only watching this silly video, but also commenting..... ball in your court..

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...