Comment: I am not promoting Farrakhan

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I am not promoting Farrakhan

The top post should have had a question mark, because I am asking for discussion, why the Nation of Islam, at least what little I have seen, has many of the same massages as Ron Paul, and maybe, like your friends, they are on an international scale?

It all began with another post that was reaching out to black American, but people of color, to talk about Ron Paul.. and in the course of posts, it occured to me that as much as we think we reach out, there are huge communities that we are not reaching. Why?

I wouldn;'t expect any of us to embrace the other's religion, but rather embrace the idea that God's will can prevail with a restoration of the republic to constitutional law that gives us the freedom for God to be our Judge and government protect that with the boll of rights.

I love you very much (((((bear)))), and hope you understand that I am questing to learn, my apologies if I upset you or anyone.