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Comment: Precrime

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It is most certainly a pre-crime and not to mension a racket. I actually tried to talk to the president of MADD in baton rouge, louisiana. I kid you not try to email him this long thing about how to lower Dui's and I tried to leave my number with his secretary. Left messages on his voicemail. Over and over and he never got back to me

Basically my proposal was this if you really care about preventing a pre-crime why don't you use MADD's lobbying power to lower the taxes on all cabs, buses, limousines, and trains. Reduce the amount of regulation on taxi cab companies to reduce the price even further and to make it easier for people to start their own company to allow competition to lower prices even further. Get rid of licensing which only restricts competition. The more competition will foster innovation like giving discounts to college students (inelastic demand)

The same can be done for towing companies if you choose to get your car towed. The price has to be way more reasonable. Lower taxes on places like triple AAA for things like that and maybe they will have a special service for like that and other companies will sprout up.

Reducing regulations on the type of businesses may foster innovation like calling a company up and they drive your car home with you in it for a small price and then their company picks the driver up.

Its the same principle that apple used which effectively reduced piracy. Make it so simple and hassle free to do the right thing that you do that instead of doing the wrong thing.

The guy not replying back to me let me know everything i need to know about MADD. They arent interested in lowering DUI's because they are profiting so much from it. They get about $100 per person in pretrial classes and extract money from victims and concerned mothers.

But what you will undoubtedly see is trying to solve a problem that govt created with more government. So more check points. Check points where they can take your blood. Fascistically forcing car manufacturers to put alcohol detection in cars automatically for everyone. Forcing bars to send data to the police if your credit card rings up too many drinks. The list goes on. But you can easily solve this problem with more liberty.

So... if i have any people in louisiana who would be willling to work with me on this issue to rally college students to protest on this issue and get congress to take it up. This will undoubtedly be the trojan horse to bring more people in the liberty movement. Old guys who get DUIs for 3 beers. My email is for anyone who wants to work on this issue.