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True, it does not, and that's my bad

I've thought about asking the moderators to change it, but it seemed to be a slow thread with negative reception for the most part, so I failed to bother asking.

I don't see myself as mucy as the Liberty Movement as much as in the GOP. The Liberty Movement seems somewhat stalled to me, where in the rEVOLution we are gearing up for Rand over Rubio.

I never thought of you being more concerned for one over another.

Farrakhan is pseaking to an audience who it seems to me agrees with him. So rather than ignoring the ideas of these Americans, I would think the kleast we can do it look with an open mind and heart KNOWING our Faith is in the Lord and fastened like a rock, so there is no fear.

It appears Farrakhan is trying to wake people of color up. I am not a person of color, only a person among many colors and curious what's going on in the name of Liberty, which farrakhan speaks.

I see Farrakhan addressing a black audience and for people to stick together. There's nothing wrong with that, it's still up to the individual to deicde if they are going to think for themselves, whihc takes many teachers, or think as they are told, which MSM has Ron Paul and Farrakhan beat.