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I was just curious I'm sort

I was just curious I'm sort of new here and am still putting it all together. I have my hot buttins when I have to speak out, but for the most part I keep quiet and read and learn. What I like most about the daily paul is the comments. I have found that most of my educaton is from the poeples comments after an article even more so than the article itself. I'm still careful, not to beleive everything I read, but by far have learned concrete things form the people's posts here. So I was just wondering how you felt things have changed. if you have been here for 5 or more years and feeling that the peoples posts are drifting from the good message, that would scare me. And if you did feel that way, I would want to learn how. Not sure if this is making any sense, but I have been fooled by many a mainstream and want to stay centered in my new found beliefs and education here at the DP.
The DP is not my only place of information that I use, but it is a big one.