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Comment: Obviously we do not know

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Obviously we do not know

Yet with consolidation by various means that equals almost the total GDP for one year. This week was the first time I ever picked up a Bloomberg Report, for curiousity sake. To contrast it with the Economist for example. I was very surprised how much good informatioin was in there. The Economist obviously focuses on the entire planet more but the info on US companies and doings was better than I have seen in others. Not they I would tend to agree with some of their key editorials.

Bottom line I learned more than I thought I would.

As for the Big 4 - with continual easy credit for them. The sky is the limit as it would be for anyone in their position. Not saying it is all right but it seems people really do not notice or care or they have been given a carte blanche. More or less like owners of professional sports teams that have a taxpayer supported stadium built for their personal use. Heck I cannot even bring a sandwich into one lol