Comment: Perhaps I'm over-analyzing,

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Perhaps I'm over-analyzing,

but this is unbelievably collectivist.

The fact is, to declare something about "man" - or a "trait" of man - is to engage in the worst kind of collectivism. Certainly, SOME men march forth in cold blood to exterminate their own kind - but others march forth to stop them. There is nothing wrong with self-defense. In addition, many of those who do the invading have been lied to and fooled, being told that what they were doing was stopping some great evil or another.

What Twain ascribes to all of humanity is in fact the act of a few men who have the horrid combination of black-hearted evil and political genius. They hide their foul intentions behind the virtues that almost all others promote, deceiving the masses into going along with their "necessary evil."

Don't even get me started on reasoning. Animals cannot reason - they care only about their own survival, nothing more. Insects gleefully exterminate one another for the expansion of the hive, and unlike humans, are incapable of reasoning their way to opposing such needless violence.

Oh, and I might also note that cats in particular are exceedingly cruel, especially when compared with the average human. Have you never seen a cat with its prey? It will happily torture it to death, making dozens of tiny, painful and non-lethal holes in its victim. It will let it run, only to grab its tail at the last second and reel it back in, then tossing it into the air and slapping it about. In contrast, your average human hunter does his or her best to make a clean, painless kill.

The collectivism regarding religion is still worse. It's not religion, it is the STATE! The State has been the cause of every single war in human history; you cannot blame religion for it any more than you can blame atheism. How many religious people have devoted their time and energy to helping the poor, the sick, the orphan, the widow? Far more, I can assure you, than those who truly went to war with religion at heart rather than conquest or misplaced loyalty.

In short, this is stupid, offensive and outrageously collectivist. Humans are screwed-up, but unlike animals, we're able to realize it and turn against our immorality.