Comment: Well (((((((Lysiandad))))))

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Well (((((((Lysiandad))))))

I'm new to Farrakhan as far as actually listening for myself. I can not tell enough at this point to argue, but liste4ning to him, he talks about his race being supressed, still. And he talks about Israel's MIC not Jews.. he claims he has been attacked for speaking openly. He made it clear in one video that catholics perform blaspheme when they talk of Mary Mother of God, of course I don't agree being Catholic.. but this isn't about religion and many here do not support Israel's MIC, so there appears to be an agreement. Rich vs poor is an argument here, where many feel suppressed by government to earn a good living. I don't understand why he would not support the rights on the individual, and then go further within the bounds of his Church, not mine.