Comment: Interesting and fair parallel.

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Interesting and fair parallel.

Unlike with some wife beaters, though, where I do wonder if some of them may actually have very brief moments of sincerity when they apologize (not that it matters when the cycle continues), I do not wonder that with Glenn Beck because I think he's acting, period.

Unfortunately, I don't think most of his audience realizes that. What he gives them is like rat poison. While most of the ingredients may be inert attractants, there is enough of the other to accomplish a fatal mission.

He has shown that with his craft of bringing marginalizaton and villification upon those who question certain things that the gov't/media does not want brought under scrutiny, be it with 9/11 or Sandy Hook.

When he is tickling the ears of his audience with talk of the Constitution out of one side of his mouth, yet out of the other side of his mouth sending a message that it is outrageous and preposterous to dare suggest hanky panky on the part of those in power when it comes to certain things, things that people SHOULD be questioning, he shows his true colors.

So an apology for not being a perfect husband (or libertarian as in Beck's apology) means little when the abuser is going to actively send a message to the victim's peers that the victim should be treated as an outcast for speaking up and questioning things that are not right.

As many victims of abuse can attest to, alienating the victim from their support system is part of the power the abuser holds.