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To the original question. As far as do traffic laws make the road more safe I think it's fair to say they do not.

But I choose to be off the road by dark most nights, walk or take public transit, drive as little as possible. As someone with half a nut, I know it's not as safe driving at night, especially after 10:00 when both cops and drunks are on the road. I tend to avoid both as both are bad news. If someone is driving erratically I avoid them like the plague. Cops included. Had to put a second on in there, hehe. :)

There are inherent risks involved in driving. To ensure others are safe, I don't drive while intoxicated, don't drive after 2200 hrs, avoid driving after dark when I know I can't see as well, I don't talk on the phone at all even with hands free. Some people have absolutely no problems with that. I do. I don't think it should be illegal, I just know that simply talking on the phone makes me drive far more "intoxicated" than when I used to drive after a few beers - which I don't do any more - for fear of the clink - but I can walk to my favorite bar or pizza joint in about the same amount of time it takes to drive - now I am a pedestrian - although I would say if I was drunk and stepped into oncoming traffic - absolutely my own fault - and would pay the price in injury - and if I lived paying off insurance to the driver of the car that wrecked as a result; and I stay alert, as well as not driving if I need to go less than 5 miles or if I can take public transportation. It's really hard on a car to drive less than 5 miles.

I wonder what impact this whole crusade has had since the 60's and 70's. Probably nil. Sure it's cost a TON of money for the taxpayer, and a lot of grief wondering if those tailgating lights behind you are from a bloodthirsty LEO (not to generalize) just waiting for you to swerve a little bit, and then write you a ticket for something else or if those lights of the person behind you driving recklessly. Again, why I avoid driving at night.

Driving is one of the most dangerous things one can do. I avoid it at all costs. Plus it's really expensive. License, registration, insurance, gas, upkeep. I drive about 120 miles a week at most. Most weeks are 100 miles.

It's a calculated risk.

Back when my dad was younger if you got stopped for suspected dui they would follow you home at worst. He got at least three of those in maybe 5 years while he was a salesman. Never busted him though. I had a friend who flipped a car which caught on fire in the early 70's who the officer told him to hop in the tow truck and go home. He drank about a half gallon of booze that night (probably a war story and less in fact)

Things should change in most extensions of LE dealing with the public. Unfortunately I have no proposals other than some radical ones which the public wouldn't agree with (no license needed, no registration, no insurance needed - I'm sure some are there that do help.) But I do think LE should work better on average with people. We are their constituents, right? They should focus on reckless driving and violent crime.

The one accident I have ever gotten into that was my fault I was angry, not even left my street, pulled into a driveway, and backed into a neighbors car. Did we utilize insurance? Hell no. I bought him a new hood and radiator and installed both on his car for him and let him pocket the change (he asked for $200, I told him it would take $300 - he came up on close to $100).

Later we became really good friends. I could have taken him to the cleaners and told him to go screw. He had no license, insurance, registration, &c. But it was my fault! You take action for your own mistakes.

Now I never back up with noise (eg the radio.) But the point is we can usually work out a deal. Insurance may be necessary if one travels long distances. I just hate having to pay for it when I barely even drive. In fact the car I have insurance on (not my work vehicle) I never use but need to keep it registered and insured to keep my DL.

NEVER let your insurance lapse on a personal vehicle if you drive another vehicle as your primary vehicle or in any reason. Some idiot insurance company had my DL pulled from not having insurance (it expired - no longer needed) even though I drove a company truck with insurance. It's a racket.

I had to spend $1200 just to get my DL back. And luckily I got a letter in the mail. I NEVER drive my own vehicle. But to keep my license I have to maintain reg and insurance on a vehicle I don't drive (or on my hot rod which is about $3K a year - which is one reason why it's parked.)

I still hate to pay insurance on a vehicle I do not drive. That's ridiculous. I HAVE to. Or else no DL. In fact before the new year I paid almost $700 to insure a car I don't drive. Not to mention registration. Why you need insurance on a non op is above me, especially if you drive a commercial vehicle insured by the company you work for.

Thanks for the videos. Out here things don't go so smooth if lights go out for a day. But I would assume you turn them off for a month and traffic would be smooth sailing.

I don't understand why we can't go back into the 40's to maybe early 60's as far as traffic law. I do like traffic lights, but not so much. I think maybe they do help if you are without them after years, and for a day, but after some period of time none are truly needed.

Shoot, wasn't long ago I saw the flashing yellow lights at many intersections. Now they are lighted up with red light cameras on top of having red, yellow, green. Some within a year or two in my hometown. I despise those red light cameras. If I was a nasty guy who didn't care a ruff I would take a tall cherrypicker and cut the ties to red light cameras. I think many are fake where I live but you never know. I wouldn't do it but I think they are BS. If someone gets in a wreck they can deal with it on their own and that's another reason why small claims court was devised.