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What I am talking about is

not any sort of a crime victim status of we the people. We are not victims. We have deliberately killed 60 million babies, we have turned our children over to the state via their schools, we are so self-centered that we can't stay married, which causes lifetime harm to our children, and great harm to our society. We are an adulterous, fornicating people. We put women into combat. We have sodomy in the public square and all over the highest levels of our land. We boo the Golden Rule. Our churches have become ignorant and corrupt. Millions of of we the people think it is good and right to bomb every other country in the world, rule of law be damned. I could go on and on. We are willingly doing these things. We have met the enemy and it is us.

This is why I say that we deserve what we have gotten and deserve worse. The reason I supported RP, hang around here some, and do whatever I can for spreading awarness is so that maybe we WON'T get as bad as we deserve. It's more amazing and wonderful to receive a gift that we don't deserve, than one that we do. May liberty be that undeserved gift.