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Comment: If anyone feels like a

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If anyone feels like a

If anyone feels like a battered wife because of what some talk show host or politician does, you've chosen that 100%. How about this - You could just not listen to them, and stop spending hour after hour making hundreds of posts about the subject that you despise. I'm not saying the OP specifically, I'm just talking about these people on the DP whose life seems to revolve around what Glen Beck says. You could just calmly observe the facts. You could focus your attention on what you think deserves it. There is no need to emotionally invest yourself like a teenage girl whose life is in shambles because some boy turned out to be a typical boy.

I know I'm not alone in that Rand endorsing Romney didn't make me sick. I didn't feel betrayed. It was what it was. I just don't understand how people could live that way, having their emotional stability rely on what someone says in the next youtube video.