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I hear your argument a lot but...

the people in my community are pretty decent. Those who say Americans are a bunch of corrupt deadbeats must hang out with some pretty sleazy people, or maybe they believe too much of what they hear in the media. Dirtbags in the media cover up the crimes of the elite while constantly bashing average Americans. I believe average Americans are for the most part, decent, hard working people.

If our criminal leadership and economic decline are due to the immorality of average citizens, then why is godless Communist China, whose forced abortion policy has killed 300 million children, and society exceeds America's corruption in every category you've mentioned, doing so well?

I believe political leaders, Hollyweird, and Wall Street intentionally pump as much corruption and filth into our society as possible. Corrupting American society is big business. They want our society to rot from within so they blame average citizens while giving criminal elites a pass. (Rand Paul: One person can make a difference) (Fast and Furious hearing)