Comment: I think he's right. Here is why.

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I think he's right. Here is why.

The liberty movement as we know may seem as old as the founding fathers, but in our present time it is relatively new. We think that it is so obvious that it is a given and that all "conservatives" should understand it as such. What we are failing to see is that the movement has arisen from a need. Maybe we realize this, but the realization takes a back seat to its apparentness. We're forgetting that we have the upper hand if we are trying to radically change the republican party, which is doable, but if we are merely putting forth our principles as an ultimatum (or manifesto); if we claim to have no ties to any political party or even having interest in mass appeal, we're lunatics.

Lots of us like to think of ourselves as guerilla warriors. It's romantic. Believe me, when my girlfriend and I were driving to Indiana to dupe voters into voting for liberty delegates, i felt more like Bonnie and Clyde, or Abbie Hoffman, than I did being a member of a political party. That last primary season was very exciting... the most excited I have ever felt about American politics and human history ever! It was huge! For as exciting as it was, it was also galvanizing and ruthless. We unfortunately did not get what we wanted, yet look at what we did, and what we continue to do. Glen Beck is right, and he could be an incredible ally. If we get Beck, we'll get Limbaugh.

We have to stop looking at this as a war now. The primaries are over. And though the scars have formed bitter wounds, we must be the bigger man. Listen, I have not always been libertarian. It was my girlfriend who turned me on to it, like last year. My first impression of libertarians came from a college student who was saying thing that seemed very intellectual. When I disagreed with him out of not knowing anything, he immediately became very pretentious. That's the problem! Had I not met my girlfriend, I would be just as clueless, and maybe a touch more jaded about libertarianism. Who knows? So, like Beck is saying, we need to change our stance from warrior to teacher. We should think of ourselves as marketing managers. We are almost there!