Comment: i dont trust him at all, im

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i dont trust him at all, im

i dont trust him at all, im sure when push comes to shove next election when rand needs it help the most mr beck will ditch him. however hes actually atleast on the right track, there really isnt much else on tv or radio for reaching the regular still zombified population. we have the judge who doesnt get on tv for more than a few minutes a day, stossel who even i dont watch and does a terrible job when on bill oreilly.

i think we need to relax and find a new way of thinking. there are two different types of compromise in the context of us getting what we want. the vote for romney type of compromise where things are getting worse so you try to stop the bleeding. i dont believe in this type of compromise to me its kind of like abdicating your rights. for instance with the gun grabbing i have heard people say we should put our own gun control bills but just do them on the lighter side like a 30 round mag ban or let them ban 50 cal ammo or universal background checks. we are essentially giving away rights that will be almost impossible to get back. if you look at the pres of the NRA theres a video of him talking about how we need background checks when he abdicated in the 90s now he basically loses credibility on this issue.
however there is the rand paul compromise, where its no longer about stopping the bleeding its about fixing the problem. i dont agree with everything he says but he actually steps in our direction! when was the last time a president even did that a little bit. he would be on that stage arguing to stop the wars and indiscriminate bombing not who we should bomb. he would argue that we need to cut all spending not which part of the government needs to be the biggest. would everything we or i want changed the way they would if ron was in there? no but things would actually get better! not just moderately worse. and thats what matters that we move in the right direction, because were not going to just appear at our destination.

in other words let beck talk liberty, when hes wrong call him out, when hes right praise him. dont attack, guide. be civil this is how we spread liberty. like my mom always says you get more bees with honey than vinegar.