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Yes that's good enough, establish that your viewpoint is irrelevant and vacuous, showing ultimately that you understand little of the emotion behind the post nor the analogy itself.

You say my post was negative? As opposed to what the original analogy? If that was an upbeat message, then you need to stay off your meds.

The analogy used in the original post was demeaning to libertarians, suggesting that we are all in some apathetic stupor unable to break the cycle of abuse. And you think that was a positive message? Gee why hasn't the Magic Kingdom snapped you right up?

I find fault because unlike you I have lived the real deal and know there is a difference between an abused woman and a libertarian voter who was defrauded by a corrupt politician.

And making that point is not a waste of time, unless it's to a person like you who has to have every thing spelled out for you.