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You failed to address any of my issues and just made shallow arguments to your position.

What political value does this dickhead have to your political future compared to the liability he poses?

I mean really.. This shit is politics 101.

You are suggesting that we ally ourselves with a flat out piece of shit, instead of aligning yourself with proven allies.

Wake the fuck up. You are wasting your time and resources... and potentially hanging yourself.

Are you really this dense or are you working against us? I honestly find it offensive after so many posters on this thread, continually warn you..

and you still hold firm to this position.

Fuck LF. He is one of the absolute WORST people to align yourself with. You may as well be getting boy toys for Graham or taking a check from Karl Rove.

We should use diplomacy with moderates from both sides. Not bigots that call me a devil because I am white with blue eyes. Seriously, Granger, your lack of strategy and vision is disheartening.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul