Comment: Appology? This is an Appology?

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Appology? This is an Appology?

This is Glen Beck defending himself and wining because people don't like him. Wah wah wah. Calling us Nazi's and crazies thinking that will warm us up to him? Why does he need approval to be liberty minded?

As if we aren't inclusive! Palease. Was it not us that have been shunned and excluded from most all media and political parties? Hasn't Glen himself been doing the excluding?

What a whiner jeeze.

Beck get a clue. It takes time to show your quality. By all means be a liberty minded Republican or even a libertarian if you want. You don't need our permission for that. You should realize that People shouldn't be following you. YOu aren't a leader in the liberty movement. YOU DON"T FULLY UNDERSTAND liberty yet. YOu admit you are learning. Fine. But don't expect people to slobber at your feet waiting for your wisdom. By all means, grow. But quit expecting to be an instant guru of libertarianism. I wager you barely understand the basics of the constitution....if that.