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Comment: you got four more years of hell, suck it up ;)

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you got four more years of hell, suck it up ;)

this is not all directed at my man Jefferson but a combination of post where i see what i call a defeatist attitude....

we got 4 more years. if rand does not win then you can go hide in the spider hole but let's not just give up when we are so close.

doing nothing politically is not the answer but you're free to do nothing if you choose. just don't discourage others who want to do something to try and prevent a chaotic collapse. we may not prevent the collapse but we can try to wake as many people up through rand as we can. sure you can sit back and not vote for better politicians and let the bad ones pass more laws to arrest you with but remember Colorado legalized mj by "voting".

i want to forge the most peaceful transition to a voluntary ancap society as possible. the most peaceful way this will happen is through rand 2016. if we can't make that happen (which i know we can) then yeah it's pretty much over from what i see now. for sure get your family squared away with food and protection but don't give up just yet, give it at least another 4 years. sure be agorist and work around the system as much as possible but that alone will not solve the problem. but yeah raise chickens and grow food etc etc.

if everyone goes into their spider-holes now it's as good as over. if you do then you've given up on the most peaceful solution and are embracing a bloody one. we may not be able to prevent a bloody battle but i for one am gonna try.

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