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Comment: Mr. Chris Cudnoski. the

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Mr. Chris Cudnoski. the

Mr. Chris Cudnoski. the people who are criticizing you have no inclination to go up to black people and start handing things out and communicating with them.

these people are cut off from them. they are like liberals or politically correct wanting to use terms to criticize, "you are so collectivist" "why are you collectivizing a group" "why are we in this mentality"

i don't think they have an inclination to do what you plan to do. i hope you plan to do it. If you can print up leaflets, bulletins, give them sources to consult. the law by bastiat? some libertarianism in one lesson?

something cheaper? Something they can sink their teeth into.

I went up to a black guy when i was in college, i was handing out ron paul bumper stickers. I asked him if he would a ron paul bumper sticker, the black man replied, "is he black?" and i said "No, but he will end the war on drugs." That shook him up. He yelled to his friends about Ron Paul. i got some black people to vote for Ron Paul. i wish i could have done more.

you are not collectivizing a group, the group is already collectivized because they are put in prison as a rule, by the State.

don't listen to these people, Mr. Cudnoski. they have no inclination to go up to black people, today or any day.

i wondered why the daily paul wasn't going up to more black people. they were too set in their comfort zone.

But please have a lot of material. bumperstickers. Explain to them the financial derivatives and credit default swaps being transfered to the government after the bankers racked up the debt. explain to them how the bankers control the politicians, esepcially Obame. More black people know they are being lied to by the media. And explain to them now that white people are beginning to experience the stomping boot of the police state. so the white people are forced to wake up. the dept. of homeland security is shooting targets of white people now. please show them those links. tell them about this. i wish i was doing more right now.

if people thought as you did when ron paul was running, Obama would have had his base of black people removed from him. romney would have been the same, i know. but Obama is using race still, like a brand of coca cola to market to the masses.

God Speed