Comment: To be honest with you I lost

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To be honest with you I lost

To be honest with you I lost hope before I identified myself as a libertarian until I saw Ron Paul in 2007, but even that hope was just a pipe-dream because I think what most of us are guilty of is surrounding ourselves with juts libertarians and thus creating an illusion for ourselves that the movement is much bigger than it actually si, then getting disappointed when there isn't enough votes or people that support us.

What is more hopeless is the kind of eating ourselves that I see so much among libertarians. We don't see that in the democrats or even mostly in republicans, because it really gets you nowhere. Disagreement is fine, but not to the point where it gets so personal you push people away and destroy a movement before it gets started.

Do I stop the belief in liberty? No. Does it turn me off to be part of some of this movement? Yes.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...