Comment: Im watching the lord of the rings right now

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Im watching the lord of the rings right now

kinda strange how i view it now after my paradime shifted towards true liberty not blind patriotism. Ideas def have consequences and this completely boggles my mind. I feel like the ideas that we hold dear are similar to how they held the ring. Many different people all fighting to carry the ring the distance. Darkness following relentlessly interjecting in all forms. The ring bearer doubts, gets knocked down, and sometimes gives up. We all are very crucial in this process of carrying our ring of liberty. We must build each other up when we see each other fall. We must be relentless and push no matter what the darkness says. We know our ideas are the only hope for a free productive society that gloats in taking care of its poor voluntarily.

I challenge you to watch it and better yet i challenge anyone to encourage on this site even when it seems hard.

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect" - Mark Twain