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Then you are in the right place.

What I mean by that is that I too, learn most from the comments. The Daily Paul is my first stop everyday before work. "First Stop" to imply not the only stop. Like you I am still learning, everyday, learning all I can. Reason, logic, emotion, they are all part of it. Like I said before, I think that maybe that persons comment was, as you put it, one of "my hot buttons" and they pushed it just right. Ironically, 7 years ago, I would have been on the same train with them screaming the same thing. Switching between channels some 6 years ago, pissed about Bush and the general direction of our country, I stopped on a channel to see a small, quiet, humble man in an interview with non other than George Stephanopoulos( ). The way that man handled himself and the way ol George was treating him it, well, pissed me off. So I learned more about Ron Paul and thus began the change in my mind.

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