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Ok finished it. I don't like

Ok finished it. I don't like to invoke 'illuminati' or masons, et al. I find it distasteful. I use 'bad guys' as a term of art. Mainly because I don't need to know who they are. I know them by their methods. I do know they aren't supernatural or ET's because they would not need these methods.
So he needn't name names to undermine the bad guys, which I think he seems sincere in doing. He has taken the dumbing down of America (and I suppose the world) to a conspiratorial level. I like it.
I also think it could just be a natural product of the fascism / socialism hybrid we have.

The socialized schools of course condition kids to conform and not think and instead believe.

The fascised schools must offer a little more.

The schools which accept no public funds at all have to offer even more. IE something approximating the truth.

The result is the same of course. People need to wtfu.