Comment: Peer review has its flaws

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Peer review has its flaws

But what is the alternative ? Someone has to decide what goes into a Journal or what grants to fund. An editor or program director can't do that themselves.

Social media and the internet can offer community review, like wikipedia or Kuro5hin, but that has problems as well, and with academics probably wouldn't work because reviewing is something that alot of people do not have much time for.

As someone who is involved in academics, I don't think it really matters, since most people that participate want to "assume the position" and are in the business of making their peers happy. Almost all the academic literature are papers that are in agreement with the status quo, and have some other small bit of proof, and are competing for who says "I agree" the most elegantly.

The few that are less willing to please have a hard road, and better get ready for alot of rejection.