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I understand that he did not write that book.

The nice lady at the precinct meeting yesterday purchased that book. I told her that I did not read that book, but showed her my flyers on Agenda 21, Justin Amash, and a few presidential comparison sheets which explained their positions. Her husband is on the board and holds elected office. She and I spoke for about an hour. She believes gb is like Moses, who is one of the most honest persons alive. She campaigned for bush not once, but twice. I chuckled calling her a 'neocon'. More into the conversation, she informed me that she wept when romney lost, but can not stand Ron Paul. It was 30 minutes into the conversation when she told she wept, at which point I accused her of being a democrat. The look on her face was precious and one that I will not forget.

Her husband overheard and entered into our conversation. He remembers me from high school and knows my popularity in town, and knows just how blunt I can be. I informed him that if he did not hold true to core values and the Golden Rule, he will have me to contend with next election. He explained how the republican party must move to the center and even left if they were to remain 'in power'. I told him that 'his' republican party is dying, and that I will see it through to the end. Toward the end of the conversation he asked me to run for school board, handed me a petition form, and gave me his cell phone number.

Before I even offered the lady the flyers, she had already cleared a spot on the table, took them from me and placed them there.

When you slouch and give an inch they take a mile. When you stand tall and firm, they listen.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul