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Friday ... I got him to watch 40 minutes of "9/11-The Pentagon Attack" that is linked below!!!

Folks, as they were going through the eyewitness testimonies, they showed the Pentagon camera still frames.....that's when he said "that's it, that's the proof"....

I said the opening of the video said the government confiscated other videos and wont release them, why not? .... No answer .... I said "why do they give us still frames, not video that would show a silver plane in motion? Why only still frames?"

Guys, it doesn't matter, he refuses to believe that lay internet bloggers like us could know that there simply is no plane at the Pentagon...we're stupid, we're in the minority, we just like to pick fights, and we MUST find a conspiracy in everything.

At least we're still talking civil, and he knows I won't give up; I've got him a couple.of times to say "well, I do owe you an answer to that at least" am gaining rhetorical debate skills ;) and I will keep at he has taken our contentious disagreement to another; a big open wheel Racing fan, who buys documentaries about Indy and Formula One crashes; so guess what I get to do? Tell another!