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These are great questions

May I ask a few myself? Why is there NO video of the 380 surviving children being evacuated (helicopters were circling forquite some time)? No blood? Why aren't people acting frantic in the video? Why is there not one eye witness of Adam shooting anyone? Why is there no further mention of the other suspects initially reported? Why was a picture of someone's living child used to represent a murdered child? Why is there no video of abulances leaving for the hospital? Why are some of the parents of murdered children laughing on camera? Why is the medical examiner laughing? Why was an off duty police officer from another town found in the woods wearing camo-pants, handcuffed, and put into the front seat of a police car? What happened with the initial police report that they were looking for men wearing masks in a purple van, one possibly wearing a nun outfit? Where was Adam from 2009 to present? Why, after all these questions have been brought to light, would the town clerk break the law by restricting access to death certificates when she could nip all this in the bud/put to rest these questions by making available the death certificates? I actually would like you to answer 3 of these question? Pick which ever ones you'd like