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I agree with him. There's a lot of smug and arrogant people in the movement. Just because someone isn't an anarcho-capitalist or as pure a libertarian as we'd like, doesn't mean they don't help the cause by bringing to the attention of millions, various key principles of liberty.

My reply which you never replied to and just grabbed a line that suited your agenda:

And what would someone that didn't carry
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the core principles of Libertarianism bring to the people?

War with Iran?

Don't be a fool.

Maybe you just don't get what would happen if we weren't so careful. It may happen anyway because of people like you..

I am open to new people coming in..what I'm not open to is them bringing their ideas of "lesser Liberty" is better.

They can remain socialist as long as they truly understand that they cannot force others to participate in their ideology. To someone like you I'm sure that seems ironic as well... Should we give way to socialistic ideas and change to their ways? Uh no...I want everyone to get what they want but they must be denied it if it means taking mine from me because mine is the path that gives them what they want while I get what I want.

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