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We're gaining ground because people are catching the message

We did this..not him. He worked against us.

And no he isn't right..It was greater than 1%..They cheated plain and simple.. We even caught them red handed at it. If we keep the message pure we will gain the 60%.. If we allow it to be weakened and morphed.. the 60% that have been apathetic will see it for what it is and remain so.

I was one of the apathetic. When I heard Dr.Paul's message for the first time, I went to research him to see if he was for real.

When I saw his record and it sank in I cried like a baby many times along the way. That message is what really woke me up. It's the same one I've carried in my heart for as long as I can remember and now it's out in front for all to see.

People like Beck trashed those ideas.

No we teach those that are willing to hear.. We make war with those that weaken the message.

Seriously.. They are in power seats.. why, if they have been against us all of this time would they now be calling for us to let them in.

It's a Trojan Horse. Here's a gift of friendship.. Just open your gates. You have won, we want to show our respect.

Yeah right lol.

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