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I suppose you have first hand knowledge verifying

your viewpoint ? There's one thing (of many believe me)that confirms this was a criminal enterprise (remember the $millions in donations) and that is a Connecticut law SR 1054 that was passed in October of 2011. This Connecticut law gave / gives an exemption to Connecticut Medical Examiner Wayne Carver in releasing ANY pediatric homocide autopsy information to the public. Now why do you suppose that in a sleepy town like Sandy Hook Connecticut there would be a need for such a law ?? Why would any state pass such a law ?? Well if you were going to tell the world that 26 children had just been murdered by a crazed killer you don't have to worry about providing evidence that it had actually occurred, and as the alleged killer offed himself there will be no discovery in a trial setting. It's about the freaking media, and politicians telling the damn truth. Without the truth AND TRANSPARENCY everything falls apart...I don't try to build anything on quicksand...You really ought to pull your head out of the ground.

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow