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Comment: uh What I posted was from a newspaper article.

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uh What I posted was from a newspaper article.

This has nothing to do with Catholic Church bashing. Where I live the people who are Catholic are not comfortable with the pedophile priests or the church's actions in these cases. And yes there are other church ministers that also have abused choir boys; two choir boys on my mother's street were abused by an Anglican minister. There are many good priests and ministers, BUT there have also been too many BAD ones.

Now we also have to accept that most priests/ministers who were sexually abusing children were just moved to another area/church where they were unknown. That is unacceptable and very unfair to the CHILDREN who will carry scars for life. What about the children? No justice there!

And I do not think I will be judged accordingly because of feeling protective about children being sexually abused. Nor do I think the "Holy Father and the Catholic church" are above judgement. Without the robes of office they are ordinary humans like all of us, just as the president is.