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I Do

I believe it's a coincidence that I read your comment at 9:48 AM in California.

I believe that the fact that the lamp on my desk was turned off at the time is purely coincidental with me reading your comment (i.e., insignificant).

You could say that the light being off was not mere coincidence with the time of 9:48 AM, or the sun being up (or vice versa). But, it's pure coincidence that that's when I read your comment.

Also, coincidentally, some of my neighbors were watching television at the time. My router light was blinking, and the clock on the wall was ticking, birds were singing outside, and the breeze was blowing. Obama is probably doing something, somewhere, to impose his will on us, and somewhere a butterfly is flapping its wings (probably more than one butterfly).

Coincidence: things happening at the same time or place. Most are not significant, nor dependent on each other (i.e., "mere" coincidence). If you don't believe in coincidence without cause, you may already be paranoid.

What do you think?