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Like he said though, he

Like he said though, he trashed the ideas because he didn't understand them. I know so many people like this. I don't ever mean that we should change our principles, that's what is attractive about it. What I'm saying is that we need to change our tone of voice. We're all smart, we're all right, but we also come off like bitter pricks to some people. Just look at some of these post. Everyone said nearly the same thing and it goes something like, "f*ck you, because you hurt us." There are even some that are like Beck is globalist, as if this person thinks, that Beck is disinforming intentionally, because he goes to meetings in robes and masks, and meets with the Bush's, Clinton's, the Royal Family, Jay-Z, Led Zepplin, and the ghost of Anton LaVey. We need to get over our bitterness from the primaries, from the rest of the world marginalizing us, and be the Trojan horse. Just like Beck is saying here, Ron Paul was a Republican. This is the tactic that will work, and we have to stop attacking people who are not 100% in line with us. Who are we reassuring when we do that?