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Everyone starts with a conclusion and then sees if the evidence matches said conclusion, its called a hypothesis (A supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation). It works rather well in engineering, a man says hey I can build the biggest/fastest/tallest/best/better/cheaper/faster and then figures how to. Honestly evolution is not a new idea it has been discuses since ancient greek times, I mean aristatol talked about it. Furthermore charles lyell was the guy who gave us the idea that different layers are from different ages, but this was far before we had carbon dating.

At one time most people believed that the sun revolved around the world, and galoleo should have stopped his belief because everyone else believed differently. 52% of voters think barak oboma is a good president does that mean I should too? Or how about this most people in the world live under communism or socialism does that make it right? Majority does not make right.

how are they both examples when the definition of biological evolution is "The change in genetic composition of a population over successive generations, which may be caused by natural selection, inbreeding, hybridization, or mutation". The bacteria shows several generations but the human does not, so how can they both be examples of biological evolution?