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News to me

That sounds a lot like this:

That sounds like this:

"The king, so far from being invested with arbitrary power, was only considered as the first among the citizens; his authority depended more on his personal qualities than on his station; he was even so far on a level with the people, that a stated price was fixed for his head, and a legal fine was levied upon his murderer, which though proportionate to his station, and superior to that paid for the life of a subject, was a sensible mark of his subordination to the community.” --- 1 Hume, Appendix, 1."

That is from here:

In my own words: The problem is aggressive violence and all the lies that are necessary to cover it up, and each potential self governor must know this, or we as a species are doomed by that individual error each time it is made over, and over, and over, again, and again, and again, like some manic Business Psycho.

I have never heard Ron Paul make that mistake, and I prefer not to make it either.