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War has always been about power, religion has just been an excuse.

And yes, atheists have done horrible, horrible things. Stalin ring any bells? Read a f***ing history book. How about Mao? Atheists have killed orders of magnitude more people than all religions *combined,* but we all know that the ideology is simply the excuse to gain more power.

If you seriously think the "war on terror" has anything at all to do with religion, you're deluding yourself. It's about oil and other "strategic resources." Which, of course, means it's about POWER.

Let me repeat this, over and over. War is about power. War is about power. War is about power. WAR IS ABOUT FREAKING POWER.

The Inquisition was only religious insofar as the totalitarian Spanish government could use it to keep the populace in line - POWER. The Crusades were about getting Jerusalem and the political capital that would get the Pope - again, POWER.

Stop blaming the excuse and start blaming the criminals.