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So you think they just

So you think they just commission these studies for the hell of it and they are meaningless?... Sigh!

This is the typical MO of the anti-gun crowd. They try to single out one thing out of context and claim it is just benign. However the memo is one of many evidences that gun confiscation is the end goal. Gun violence is cause of less then 1.5% of deaths in America It is insignificant in the grand scheme of causes of death. Yet Media would have you believe it is an epidemic which is laughable.

The ant-gun rhetoric surrounding the recent suspiciously convenient shootings. Several states simultaneously moving to ban certain weapons, magazines, ammunition, and implementing registration. DHS and the Feds buying up billions of rounds of ammo and millions of weapons and caching them around the country. The feds pressuring Banks to not accept legal transactions from gun owners and manufactures. Military training jointly with police in major cities with machine gun fire over populated areas. The VA striping Vets of their gun rights if they visit a counselor. The Memos calling everyone from people using cash for purchases to vets and Ron Paul supporters etc. potential terrorists, and on it goes. The list is getting quite long.

Anyone with a brain can see gun confiscation is the goal. They do not commission these kinds of studies for the hell of it, they are trying to figure out how to do it stealthily because they know they cannot win an open fight with the people! This memo proves the right to keep and bear arms is doing exactly what it was meant to do and that is be a deterrent to tyrannical government! They want to eliminate the guns because IT IS THE MAJOR ROAD BLOCK to their implementation of totalitarianism.

This is why WE WILL NEVER GIVE UP THE GUNS! The Obama cyber warriors can go back and tell their handlers to tell obama:


You know you are hitting close to home when the anti-gun crowd comes out of the wood work and squeal like pigs and start trying to downplay the Obama regime being caught red-handed and then resort to attacking the messengers..

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