Comment: For those of you inclined to throw the judge under the bus

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For those of you inclined to throw the judge under the bus

how fickel are you really? I find it most peculiar how you cheer for him as governor or president and then attack him on one of the things that makes him who he is. His Catholic faith.

I encourage you to read his books to gain an even greater insight to who he is. His works are completely about Liberty. Where did he gain such insight. How could he be so for liberty if as many say he supports the great whore of Babylon. Is he delusional? I think not. He is one of the most well reasoned fighters for Liberty in this movement.

Who is next. Thomas Woods? I suggest reading his acclaimed book, "How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization". Tom is another of the greatest champions of liberty in today and yet he is unabashadly Catholic.

The greatest enemy that we have is division. While it is hard for Libertarians to agree on many things the one thing we should agree on is not to denigrate one another. Especially those who are the most visible and vocal fighters on behalf of liberty.

Divide and conquer is the tactic of the devil. That is why our Lord prayed,(Jn 17:21) I pray that they will all be one, just as you and I are one." Does any one really wonder why Christianity is waning in these days? The church is completely divided.

Thank you Judge for your faithfulness and your work on our behalf. May we be as one.