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only did you help clarify my point, you added another aspect that equally as important. Your input as a strong intelligent woman who has had personal experience with my analogy adds a great deal to this discussion. It's unfortunate that some are getting lost in the minutia and not seeing the overall picture.
We thought we were going to "outsmart" them in Tampa, but they just went to a whole new level of disgusting behavior. Not only that, but they changed the rules midstream to prevent us from ever trying it again.

"The bottom line is that those caught up in the cycle of abuse would do well to recognize it and break free. Until they do, it's not likely going to stop."

That is the essence right there. My main point was for people to start focusing on their own health and survival, build bridges with others, and not be so swayed by the empty rhetoric of those who are trying to win our trust back. Many of us have sacrificed a great deal of time effort and money trying to make changes only to be backhanded in the end.

Thanks for taking the time to try and help me out here. I know if you felt I was out of line, you'd hold me accountable as well.